Painting murals

Beautiful paintings created directly on the walls can be a wonderful and original decoration. Painting murals works well both in companies, restaurants, as well as in private homes, on elevations and interiors. I use the highest quality paints, usually acrylic (water-soluble, odorless, ecological) or latex. Depending on the design, the painting lasts from a few to a dozen or so days. If necessary, I secure a wall painting with a clear varnish.

If you want to change your interior or revive the walls with an artistic wall painting, just give me a call or send me an email. I will turn your restaurant into a beautiful climatic paradise, which people will be happier to come to more often and in greater numbers. Children’s room will be made alive into a fairytale world making them feel safe.

I paint in Poland and abroad. I have painted murals in Sweden, France, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Poland. Prices for a 1 sqm mural depend on many factors, such as labor intensity of the painting, difficulty and time needed for the creation of the mural or the surface of the wall. Usually, it is in the range of PLN 200-350/sqm, although in the case of detailed and difficult images, the cost can be over PLN 500/sqm. I paint with a brush and a spray gun.