My name is Anna Kinga Troczyńska, and I sign my paintings with the artistic pseudonym Ana Flover. I was born in Zduńska Wola in 1977 and I currently live in Krakow. I graduated from the Lodz University of Technology at the Faculty of Architecture in 2001. In 2004 and 2010, I exhibited my work in Zduńska Wola in the “Lokator” Cultural Center under the title “Faces of love”. In 2013, I took part in the Art Fair in Krakow, and for three years, I have been taking part in Art Derby in the Silesian and Malopolskie Voivodships. In 2016, I had two painting exhibitions in Alwernia and Jerzmanowice, which enjoyed considerable interest. My biography has been described in the Encyclopedia of the Personalities of the Republic of Poland.

I have performed a lot of works around the world, and going abroad is always an interesting challenge for me. I have painted murals in Sweden, France, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and other European countries. In the case of larger murals, I work with other artists to get the work done quickly while maintaining the highest quality. I have been interested in painting from an early age. I paint animals, birds, people, Angels, landscapes, fairy tales for children, characters from movies, cars, and whatever you can imagine. In addition to paintings and wall murals, I advise and choose colors in interiors and rooms. I also paint artistic walls in rooms. Painting is my passion, love and calling and I share it with others.

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